Sinfoni Capriccio C89M


Capriccio C89M is a C series midrange speaker.

Product Description

Capriccio C89M is a C series speaker.

The Sinfoni Quartorigo C89M is designed to be the addendum to any of our speaker systems helping to elevate performance utilizing a dedicated midrange to form a three-way speaker system. The C89M preserves the important midrange frequencies and its low-level resolution allows it to blend seamlessly with the midbass woofer producing great depths with very low distortion and speed. The high-frequency extension will compliment any tweeter and elevate their performance but will ultimately work very well with Sinfoni designed soft dome tweeters. A performance so accurate and true that it deserves the Sinfoni Quartorigo nameplate; C89M, For music lovers!

  • Normal Impedance: 4Ω
    Power RMS (filtered 12dB 500hz): 50W
    Voice Coil Ø: 25mm
    Sensivity: 86dB
    Frequency Response: 250Hz – 12.000Hz
    Fs: 208Hz