Rainbow DL-S12 Woofer


The Dream Line DLS-S12 is a single 4 Ohm voice coil subwoofer with a maximum power handling of 550W.

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Product Description

The entry into the car audio world should go along with a minimum standard of quality and appearance. Therefore, this subwoofer is a very good introduction to the vast world of rainbow. Compact and fun-making enclosures are no problem due to the good performance. The technology has a great power handling, but does not need much power to achieve a satisfactory result. Welcome and have fun with and at rainbow!

  • 1 x 4 Ohm
  • Max. 550 Watts
  • Sealed Enclosure from 20 Liters
  • Ported Enclosure from 33 Liters
  • Frequency Response: 25 Hz – 200 Hz


  • Powder coated stamped steel basket
  • Extensive and clever ventilation system of spider and back plate
  • Specially designed butyl rubber surround
  • Palladium-plated push terminals
  • Spider ventilation via basket
  • High permeable double magnet 2,0 kg
  • Cone excursion x-max: +/- 10 mm
  • PA-proved lead wires diameter: 1.6 mm