Audio System H-165 165mm 2-Way 2 Ohm Component Speakers


165 mm Audio System Helon 165 – 2 Way component system with impedance 2 Ohm, RMS Power 2 x 150 Watt and more features.

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Audio system Helon H165
Audio System Helon 165 – 2 Way component system. The H-line stands for extreme power handling and kickbass without sacrificing sound quality.

The 16.5 cm kickbass is built up in an extremely stiff aluminium chassis with 16 cooling openings for the voice coil and immense pile core bore which also supplies the voice coil with cool air. The decorative ring on the front of the speaker is detachable, creating a euro norm chassis.

The thick magnet is provided with a protective rubber and, together with the 2 Ohm voice coil, ensures high efficiency, making the Helon speaker easier to control.

The light cobblestone arm also contributes to the high efficiency and means that the Helon 165 has sufficient output far into the midrange to connect seamlessly to the 25 mm soft dome tweeter.

The heavy-duty 32 mm voice coil, the robust suspension with woven-in laths and the wide surround guarantee extreme power handling of the Helon 165.

The filter has an adjustable flank slope of up to 12 dB / octave and is constructed with the best components such as air coils and film capacitors. The tweet volume can be adjusted in 8 steps from + 1.5 dB to – 7 dB!

Technical specifications:

  • RMS Power: 2 x 150 Watt
  • Impedance: 2 Ohm
  • Voice coil: 32 mm
  • Installation depth: 72 mm
  • 25 mm Soft dome tweeter
  • Compound kevlar membrane
  • 165mm Euronorm chassis